Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Casting Decisions – 13th April

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about casting decisions which get affected by the superstar’s choices.
The movie mentioned in the blind item was one of the most acclaimed movies produced last year. It starred a very talented actress who totally shouldered the movie. she won many plaudits for her role. There were rumors that she had a one night stand with her mentor, while making the movie.
Generally male superstars recommend female actors for whom they have a soft spot for. Very rarely does it happen that male superstars push the case of female actors purely owing to their acting chops. All the actors recommended by the two reigning superstars will agree.

Blind Item
Male superstars will tell you they don’t interfere in casting decisions, but more often than not, they’d be lying. A-listers like to give the impression that they submit themselves to the vision of their directors, but anyone who knows how Bollywood works will tell you that the power on a movie set is usually concentrated with the film’s leading man, especially if he’s one of the country’s top stars.

Like this one actor who, a few years ago, turned down a project being produced by his close friend because he didn’t think the actress who’d been approached to star in it could pull off the role. The film was more or less centred on the female character and the director had locked this pretty but vapid leading lady for the role. When the actor was approached, he expressed interest in taking the role but made it clear he wouldn’t do it if the makers were insistent on casting the actress.

The producer promptly dumped the female star when it became clear that the superstar’s presence in the film would elevate the project considerably, and he was able to replace her with at talented young actress whom he also happens to mentor. Once the younger actress was in, the superstar signed up. And the film was back on track.

Our Guess
Actor: Shahrukh Khan
Actress: Alia Bhatt
Movie: Dear Zindagi
Vapid Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif

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