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Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Cranky Uncle – 9th March

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Rajeev Masand has posted a blind item about this washed actor who is now one cranky uncle.
Not only did he hook up with an A-lister’s wife, he also crossed swords with another A-lister. While newspaper articles will make you believe it was because of this cranky uncle’s ego issues, our sources claim otherwise. Turns out he was the superstar’s BF! their wives partied together, while these boys had their own thing going. Their wives were also aware of their husband’s dalliances, but chose to look the other way. But the superstar left all of it, for the love of an actor, who is now a globally renowned star. Cranky Uncle then hooked up with another star wife, who used to party with the first wives club, headed by the superstar’s wife. A-lister’s wife & his wife were BFF’s!
His career has been on a downward spiral since then. His recent home production, which was a biopic flopped. He featured in all films produced by his then superstar BF. But now all that is passe.

Blind Item

A reasonably popular actor—whose currency took a nosedive after he allegedly got involved with an A-lister’s missus—was recently invited to attend a film award ceremony in the Middle East. The good-looking star demanded that a showreel of his work be played before he was presented with the award, and reportedly went mental when the video could not be played for technical reasons.

Eye-witnesses say he refused to take responsibility for the fact that it was his team that sent the video in an incompatible format. The organisers claimed they had alerted his team a few days earlier that the file wasn’t playing, but no effort was made to replace it. The star would listen to no excuses. He went on a tireless tirade in full public view, and reduced two interns to tears.

For his own part, he has clarified that he didn’t “push” for his showreel to be played. All winners had been asked to submit a video. He commissioned—“at considerable cost”—a video to be produced. He claims the organisers didn’t ditch the video because it didn’t work, but because other actors hadn’t submitted theirs and they thought it would be “awkward” to play only his. “Not fair,” he insists, admitting that he lost his cool—but for good reason.

Our Guess
Actor: Arjun Rampal

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