Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) -Fallen Out – 10th Aug

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about a top star who has fallen out with his director of three films.

While some actors completely surrender themselves to the director’s vision, some superstars work differently. They know exactly what the public wants. Hence they bully the director to change the script as per their demands. The director either can put his foot down & stick to his vision or keep his hero happy.

While everything is forgiven if the movie is a hit, god save the director if the movie flops. Which is what has happened to the director in question. He has fallen out with the reigning superstar for sticking to giant vision & the movie bombing.

Blind Item
Last year rumour had it that a top star had fallen out with his director after their movie had bombed at the box office. Those close to the actor said they weren’t even talking now, after having made three films together. Some say the star was upset with the director giving the film a tone contrary to the star’s image and on sticking to his vision despite the star’s reservations. Others said the star had been led to believe that there had been irregularities in the film’s budget. Either way, plans for more films together have been scrapped.

In the months that followed the star has taken another young director under his wing & the said director had announced both a mini series for an online streaming platform & a movie with another top actor. They weren’t seen together at social gatherings & even the actors birthday celebrations- the message was loud & clear.

Our Guess
Top Star: Salman Khan
Director: Kabir Khan

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