Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Feeling Defeated – 5th April

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind Item in Open The Magazine about a superstar who is feeling defeated personally & professionally.

While average citizens have no option but to carry on working when tragedy befalls them, the rich have the option to cry at home. Although we feel sad at the superstar’s plight, we think he is not emotionally strong. He is not the first man to get divorced or see his loved ones suffer from a dreaded disease. But instead of being a pillar of strength for his family, he is wallowing in self pity. He should take a leaf out of a young star wife’s book, who is putting up a brave front despite being diagnosed with cancer or the 90’s actress who successfully fought the disease abroad.

We feel sad to see such a talent going to waste. He has all that it takes to rule Bollywood. But god sadly hasn’t given him the emotional strength to fight his battles.

But one can’t help but wonder whether an actress’ black magic has anything to do with his troubles. One of her exes had accused her of indulging in black magic. The world is aware that she can go to any lengths to destroy him.

Blind Item

Rumour has it that this once undisputed A-lister who was poised to be a serious threat to the superstars reigning the box office for over two decades is currently feeling defeated both personally and professionally. Insiders have been whispering that the actor is unable to focus on work because he’s distracted by more urgent matters, crucially the health of a parent. This setback has reportedly thrown his schedule into a tailspin.
At least two projects—one in post- production, another still in scripting— have had to be postponed, causing some inconvenience to other cast and crew. The director of the second project will now helm a web show while he waits for his film to get back on track.
But it’s not just the actor’s professional projects that are in a mess. Those who know him say he’s also struggling with his personal relationships. He’s trying to put up a brave face for his children, sources say, but he’s having trouble trusting friends and potential partners; he appears to have withdrawn into a shell.

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A-Lister: Hrithik Roshan


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