Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Fickle Bollywood – 15th Feb

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine, about the fickle nature of Bollywood. Two warring directors may now collaborate with each other.

They toasted to each other’s failures & never ahd to good thing to say to each other. Both the directors are rumored to be gay. One among them was dating a choreographer, which shocked the industry considering he was gay. Their personalities are poles apart. while one is seen on almost every channel & every reality show the other one is a recluse. While one has had a few flops, the other one has a midas touch. But if the box office receipts are anything to go by, the director with the midas touch is unable to match up to his rival. But when it comes to producing films & backing talent the midas touch director is unmatched. He is by far the biggest producer in the business.

We hope their coming together will lead to several good films. It is sad, how their reason for enimity – a superstar is now down on luck. we do hope he makes a comeback.

Blind Item

It’s true that nothing is permanent in Bollywood: neither friendships nor enmities. Or that it’s a fickle business. Two high-profile filmwaalas who were no fans of each other to begin with (perhaps because they represented the same kind of cinema and were being constantly compared) became further prejudiced against each other when a superstar shifted his loyalties from one to the other.

At the time neither missed a chance to make a snide comment about the other, gleefully celebrating the other’s failures, or running down their successes. But life has a way of coming full circle and currently neither is ‘close’ to said superstar. Insiders say both feel let down by him. Perhaps that has united them; for they’re the new best friends in Bollywood. From taking selfies at awards ceremonies to finding a project to work together, the two are making no effort to hide the fact that they have buried their problems.

Our Guess

Filmwaalas: Karan Johar & Sanjay Leela Bhansali


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