Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Interfering Star – 23rd March

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Rajeev Masand has posted a blind item about a star’s interfering nature.
All big stars have at some point or the other been accused of “interfering” in the creative process of film making. Stars start suggesting changes, post a few of their movies becoming hits. Frankly speaking, we find nothing wrong in this. Nobody gives a rat’s ass when they are new to the industry & they themselves are scared to air their views. But after delivering a few hits, they start feeling more secure & air their views frankly. After all they have the most to gain/lose if the movie succeeds or fails.
The star in question is known to be humble & down to earth. He comes across as respectful to industry seniors. He has been going steady with a bollywood beauty, who is also his co-star in an upcoming movie.

Blind Item

A rising star, a young, second-generation filmi, is letting success go to his head, it appears. Reports coming in from the team working on his new film suggest that this twenty-something, who hasn’t even had half a dozen releases yet, is already ‘giving his opinion’ to the director and key technicians on how they should do their jobs.

Recently, he recommended that a love song recorded by the composers be filmed on him solo, instead of it being picturised on him and his leading lady. He wanted to hog the track for himself, despite it being a love ballad with male and female audio tracks. He explained that “it would be better this way”.

The director, himself a young gun, has exercised considerable patience dealing with his hero, but the crew appears to be getting exhausted—and the cameras haven’t even started rolling yet.

Our Guess
Rising Star: Tiger Shroff

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