Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Jealousy – 5th Jan

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Rajeev Masand’s latest blind item deals with jealousy amongst actors in the film industry.
Many of the superstar’s sycophants were vying for the role of his sidekick in his next action flick. The action flick is the third installment of the hit action film franchise. It is a given that the movie will open to record number. Hence the unexpected casting has lead to jealousy among his rivals.
The superstar’s brother is the one who probably nudged him to cast this actor. The superstar’s brother has been dating the newbie actor’s sister for quite sometime, despite being married. It is a pity that his wife fought against her family to get married to the superstar’s brother. Not only is he jobless & lives off his brother reflected glory, he is cheating on her as well.

Blind Item
Whoever said that actresses are the bitchiest lot hasn’t spent much time with male actors. The gossip being circulated by a handful of young B-level male actors concerns the casting of a major film, the latest instalment of a successful thriller franchise. According to these catty young men, the only reason a semi- popular young actor landed a part in the movie is thanks to his sibling’s closeness to the A-lister heading the film, and especially his family.

It’s probably a case of sour grapes for those spreading the story, given that most young actors would’ve given an arm to be cast alongside the superstar in what will likely be another blockbuster.

Our Guess:
Young Actor: Saqib Saleem
A-lister: Salman Khan

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