Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Liposuction – 8th Dec

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Rajeev Masand has an interesting blind item this week. It is about this senior actress who was undergoing liposuction procedure at a doctor’s clinic. She became a mom just a year back & has been desperately trying to get back to acting. This actress clearly seems to be in denial. when there are much younger & fitter actresses around, why will viewers be excited to see her? Author backed roles for actresses are few & there are several of them vying for it.
Truth be told, she is a terrific actress. She is a complete natural in front of the camera. But she is making a complete fool of herself by not ageing gracefully & vying for lead roles. She has been accused of being too involved in her career & not caring for her newborn enough. She should ideally take a break for a year or two & comeback with an author backed role or accept character roles. Most of her hits in the past few years have been with the Khan triumvirate. She should learn a thing or two from another senior actress who was last seen in a blockbuster franchisee this year. Mr. Bachchan too had to reinvent himself when he was past his prime & boy did he turn his career around.
The irony is that she gossiping commander in chief of Bollywood & now she herself is the subject of a disgusting blind. She is known to bitch & gossip about anything that moves in Bollywood with her coterie, which includes a studio boss. Karma can be a bitch hon!

Blind Item
A notoriously brash female star, who many insist has mellowed with age, is a regular sight at the Versova ‘clinic’ of Bollywood’s favourite ‘natural healer’. The gentleman reportedly specialises in massage therapy, and is an expert at—ahem—administering enemas to those seeking a flushing out of their systems. His client roster is a virtual who’s- who of Bollywood’s top female artistes, and one among them is this loud leading lady.

Recently, a prominent technician who had an appointment with the ‘doctor’ landed up earlier than she intended to, and was ushered into a sitting room next door. Turns out the expert was attending to the aforementioned actress at the time, and when it was conveyed to him that the technician had shown up early, he hollered across the thin wall separating both rooms that he would be with her shortly.

On learning that the technician was next in queue, the actress, who has known her for many years, insisted that she join them in the ‘doctor’s room’. The technician thought it was odd, but went anyway, only to be greeted by the sight of the actress “with a pipe sticking out of her backside”. As she described it to friends later, “It was an image I could’ve lived without seeing.”

The actress, as it turns out, was not in the least bit awkward, and perfectly comfortable with her body.

Our Guess:
Female Star: Kareena Kapoor