Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Media Connections – 22nd Feb

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about an actress’ daughter who took her mother’s media connections for granted.

She was the reigning box office queen of her generation. She ruled for over a decade. She dated a married man & ended up marrying him. Since second marriages were not allowed as per hindu customs, they converted to islam. They have two daughters. While one was a failure at the movies, the other daughter never had a career. A source informed us that the veteran actress spent lots of money on her second daughter, but to no avail. She was addicted to coke(we told you – bollywood loves coke). Is it too much of a coincidence that she has dated a young superstar whose star is rapidly on the rise(click here to read more)?

A source questioned the elder daughter about the then reigning superstar. The reigning superstar was launched by her mother. She referred to the reigning superstar as an “assh*^e”. Maybe she was annoyed with the superstar not returning the favor, in terms of promoting her. Or it could do with the annoying habit the superstar had ie deriding his colleagues for their flops. While the superstar is loved by his fans, a lot of industry folk hate him. But then every super achiever has haters.

The elder daughter was dating another star kid, who already had a GF. He too was a coke head. He had no qualms two timing his then steady GF, who is now his wife. Thankfully, both the daughters are married to well off families & are well settled. Had the daughters not had such an entitled attitude, they would easily have had a thriving career in bollywood.

Blind Item

A well-regarded senior film journalist who authored the official biography of a veteran movie star has an interesting story that points to the ‘special treatment’ that filmwaalas expect from those in the media who they think of as ‘friends’.

Not long after the release of her book, in her role as a film critic, the author in question happened to write a not-especially-flattering review of a new release that starred the actress daughter of the veteran movie star who was the subject of her book. Not for a moment did the author think she was expected to go gentle on the film because of the ‘connection’, but the actress clearly had different ideas.

She reportedly messaged the author shortly after reading her review, addressing her as ‘aunty’ as if to remind her of their personal relationship, and went on to disagree with her review of the film, stating that the audience’s reaction to the movie was very different from hers. The author says the actress was not satisfied with her explanation that the review was a personal viewpoint, or that she really did think the movie sucked.

The actress clearly felt ‘betrayed’, could not understand how a ‘friend of the family’ could be so ‘unsupportive’ and made her displeasure apparent the next time they met. It also became awkward for a while between the author and the actress’ father.

So much for film folk and their routine chant that reviews and critics don’t matter. Tsk, tsk.

Our Guess

Critic: Bhawana Somaaya
Veteran Actress: Hema Malini
Daughter: Esha Deol


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