Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) - Mom's Sifaarish - 19th Jan

Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Mom’s Sifaarish – 19th Jan

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opcje binarne od czego zacząć

Rajeev Masand’s latest blind item speaks about mommies indulging in some good ol sifaarish for the the sake of their kids.
While the tagline of a newly launched reality show reads “Na Khandaan Na Sifaarish”, ground realities seem to disagree. Bollywood mommies continue to try to use their influence with studio bosses to launch their kids. They don’t seem to have enough faith in the acting talents of their kids to make it on their own. Which explains why only a handful of star kids succeed.

source Blind Item
Rumour has it that there’s a cold war brewing between two mommies,both regulars of Bandra’s vast ladies-who-lunch brigade, over the attention of one of Bollywood’s top producers. Turns out that the ladies, who move in the same circles as the big shot producer, are trying every trick in the book to get him to launch their—currently teenage—daughters in one of his future ventures. Both ladies are married to former actors, and insiders say their husbands don’t seem as invested in this mission to snag favours from the producer. But the women are determined, one source reveals, and their own friendship has fallen by the wayside as a result. Our Guess:
Mommies: Bhavana Pandey & Maheep Kapoor
Husbands: Chunky Pandey & Sanjay Kapoor
Teenage Daughters: Ananya Pandey & Shanaya Kapoor
Producer: Karan Johar

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