Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Moody Superstar – 22nd Dec

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Rajeev Masand’s latest blind item is about a moody star & his dad. The superstar’s last few outings have failed to impress & he wants to be doubly sure about his next movie.
While a few flops can’t damage the career of such a talented star. He will be back at the top in no time. While his acting career will be taken care of, we are curious about his personal life. There were blind items linking him to a megastar’s ex gf, who was recently dumped by another superstar. But not much has been heard about them off late.
He is regularly seen with his ex wife, but as we mentioned earlier is just a PR gimmick. He pays her for every “friendly appearance”. It does their image a lot of good.
Superstar wanted to go to the media & cry about the harassment he had to undergo in the hands of a delusional female actor. His dad tried his best to convince him otherwise. But eventually the superstar decided to go on national television to tell the world about his version of events. It would have served him better to not report the matter to the police. This episode with the female actor has done him a lot of damage.

Blind Item
A top male star’s filmmaker father has reportedly once again put a spanner in the works of a project that his son is involved in with a young director at the helm. This biopic has been twice pushed from its start date because the actor—prompted by his father—decided that the script was not in perfect shape. Apparently, the director has already lined up his crew, but the team is waiting around twiddling their thumbs because they have no idea when the film will finally go on the floors. While it’s admirable that the actor does not want to get on the sets till he’s fully convinced that they’re working on the best possible version of the script, the director is reportedly growing increasingly frustrated by the delays. He’s confident that he’s in a very good place with the script, and is itching to get shooting. He’s also said to be a tad anxious, given that the star has lined up two of his next projects, and he recently walked out of one. “This is an actor who is extremely moody, so the entire unit is treading carefully. They know they’re not making this movie till they start shooting it,” a source explains.

Our Guess:
Top Make Star: Hrithik Roshan
Filmmaker father – Rakesh Roshan
Biopic: Super 30

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