Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Mother And Son – 14th Sept

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a movie based on the casting for mother and son in an upcoming movie.

It would suffice to say that this week’s blind item from Rajeev Masand is not spicy. It about the usual casting process in Bollywood. An actor refusing to play a certain role due to image issues. Frankly we are a bit let down by actors who overthink about their on screen image. If the actor mentioned in the movie of all people is scared of versatile choices, Bollywood is in trouble! Unlike the west, Bollywood thinks way too much. Case in point – Brad Pitt’s Netflix movie – War Machine where he plays a 50+ yr old army man. His on screen wife is a rather unknown woman. The lesser we speak about Meryl Streep the better it is for us!

Blind Item
One of Bollywood’s most versatile female actors, best known for her award-winning turns in thought- provoking art-house films of early 2000s, reportedly turned down this central role in a new film as she didn’t want to play mother to a grown actor. The original script was about the awkwardness in a family when a woman in her 50s becomes pregnant around the time that her daughter-in-law is pregnant too.

Written as a lighthearted but powerful drama, the project hit a snag when this talented star refused to do the film unless the makers were able to cast a specific male actor in the role of her husband. She wanted her co-star of two beloved indies, an actor who had succeeded in crossing over into more mainstream films now, to take the part opposite her. But the makers failed to interest the actor of her choice (who had probably realised the film belonged to the ‘mother’ and ‘son’) and she went on to pass the offer.

Our Guess:
Versatile Female actor: Tabu
Grown Actor: Ayushman Khurana
Movie: Badhai Ho
Male Actor: Irrfan Khan