Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Nepotism Gossip – 12th Jan

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Rajeev Masand’s latest blind item deals with the debate surrounding “nepotism” in the film industry.
Several stories linking the actress who was heard gossiping & her superstar mentor have been doing the rounds. You can blame her for indulging in some harmless gossip with her friends. There were rumors that the two actresses, who played siblings in their blockbuster debut had a falling out of sorts. It is good to know that they have sorted their differences.
We feel bad for the kind of pressure newbie actors face, when they debut in the film industry. The actors need to realize that it is an occupational hazard & move on. Even Tiger Shroff had to face his share of criticism. But is now an established actor.

Blind Item
It’s been learnt from someone who spotted them, that two young actresses who played siblings in a blockbuster movie not long ago were having lunch at a quaint little Juhu eatery with a young actor who played a key role in that film. In between servings of sangria and salads, the trio of ‘outsiders’ (who’ve each been warmly embraced by Bollywood since their breakout) could be heard sharing stories about the strange experiences they’ve been having with film folk. They also indulged in some harmless gossip, specifically about a pair of young actors who’re being launched in an ambitious remake of a recent Marathi hit.

The trio made observations that the second- generation star-kid looked older than the sibling of a top star that she’s starring opposite, and that the young fella should’ve waited before rushing into the movies.

The gossip was mostly inoffensive but it wasn’t lost on my source that it rankled the trio—each self-made and taking baby steps in the business— that ‘insiders’ had it much easier and yet many of them continued to pretend that nepotism (yes, that dreary word again) doesn’t exist in Bollywood.

Our Guess:
Young Actresses: Sanya Malhotra & Fatima Sana Shaikh
Young Actor: Apaarshakti Khurana
Debutante Actress: Jhanvi Kapoor
Debutante Actor: Ishaan Khattar

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