Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – No Loyalty Rewards – 18th May

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about an actor complaining about not getting any rewards for his loyalty.

We wonder why Bollywood folks get so possessive about people they work with. Every actor wants to be cast in every movie made by their director & vice versa or else they feel disappointed. In the case of this actor, his director made 3 hit films starring this actor in the lead. He is a known face thanks to this director’s movie(click here to read more) All of the actor’s films without the said director were flops. The director is the reason why the actor is a known face today. But looks like the actor wants more. As if he is going to say no to all other directors for his sake.

Every aspiring & established director hopes to work with superstars someday. Scripts are written keeping top stars in mind & not debutantes. But we do hope the director doesn’t start whining the day this actor is not able to give him dates on being approached for a new movie sometime in the future!

Blind Item
A young actor whose fortunes turned recently when his film did big box-office numbers is enjoying his moment in the sun with a clutch of new endorsements, travel opportunities and being stalked by the paparazzi. But turns out he’s heart- broken over the fact that his mentor has chosen a big star over him for his next project. The youngster was always aware that the filmmaker had been courting the heartthrob actor, and he’d even joked about it with the director. “Don’t forget where your loyalties lie,” he’d frequently tell him. But the reality of it only hit him once the choice was given a stamp of formality. Sources say he’s especially disappointed that there was no role for him in the new movie after having worked with the director on multiple projects.

It’s not like the actor doesn’t have other work. According to industry pundits, he’s inundated with small and medium-budget film offers, a handful from good banners too, but he’s treading slowly and surely. When asked publicly, he says he’s happy for his mentor at having landed the star, but still likes to joke that there’s no reward for loyalty in Bollywood.

Our Guess
Young Actor: Kartik Aaryan
Mentor: Luv Ranjan
Hearthrob: Ranbir Kapoor

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