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Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – No Reconciliation – 6th April

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Rajeev Masand has posted a blind item about a superstar’s ex wife who is hoping for a reconciliation.
The superstar got divorced thanks to his rampant cheating. He hooked up with a foreign beauty. There were rumors that he also hooked up with her brother! He was also in the news for dating the married daughter of a megastar. He was friends with the megastar’s son as well.The latest rumor doing the rounds is that he is dating with the ex-GF of a megastar.
Several blind items have been written about this couple’s relationship status. About how he is paying for her to make appearances & hiw she needs the money for her drug habit. He needs the good PR. His image took a hit due to his public feud with a bollywood queen. Now that he is dating another hottie, the chances of a reconciliation with his wife appear slim.

Blind Item
This leading male star doesn’t believe in doing things in halves. Admittedly, his breakup with his partner of several years—initiated by the latter—was hard on him, but he dealt with it respectably. Not long after, when she decided she wanted back in, he had moved on. Not romantically, perhaps, but that chapter of his life was closed as far as he was concerned. But for the sake of family ties, he didn’t resist her request to spend some time together.

Looking at photographs of them going to the movies or out for meals together, many have been wondering if the couple has resolved their issues and gone back to their old relationship. But close friends of the star insist nothing could be farther from the truth. They insist he cares too much for the extended families involved to clarify the situation, but while overtures may have been made by her, he’s clear that there is nothing left in the relationship.

On a recent overseas holiday with family and other friends, a ‘rooming list’ was circulated along with the itinerary that had separate rooms for him and his former partner. To forestall any misunderstandings or assumptions, he wanted everyone to know this.

Our Guess
Male Star: Hrithik roshan
Partner: Suzanne Khan



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