Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Outed Soon – 11th Nov

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about two female stars who have refused a role in a project helmed by a spuerstar. They believe he may be outed in the #MeToo movement soon.

Rajeev Masand thinks this superstar may be outed soon. But can anyone name one superstar who has been affected by the #MeToo storm? A starlet named the biggest superstar ever, several years back. She mentioned how he groped her, when she bent to touch his feet! This other attention crazy starlet blamed the reigning box office king & his two brothers of having raped her, when she was drunk. But in both these cases, no action was taken. The news was buried by their well trained PR teams. Frankly, we don’t think the allegation about the three brothers raping the starlet is true. The starlet in question, doesn’t boast of squeaky clean credentials & is capable of saying such things just for the sake of publicity. Speaking of the biggest superstar ever, a hair stylist warned him publicly that he will be named soon. But nothing of that sort happened.

Truth is, even if someone does out these superstars, the public won’t believe it. These superstars are demi-gods, who are literally worshipped. Be it drunken driving, pub brawls, tax evasion, assault, rude behaviour, nothing seems to affect their stardom. Which explains why the movement’s momentum has waned.

Blind Item

Two actresses reportedly turned down a male A-lister who asked them to be in his next multi-starrer film. One is a busy leading lady who’s doing multiple local and international projects and got away by citing the old ‘no dates’ excuse while gently turning him down. The other doesn’t have much on her plate, but politely declined the role saying she didn’t see much meat in it.

Bollywood insiders are saying both actresses vocally supported the recent MeToo wave, and their lack of enthusiasm for this film may have something to do with the fact that there have been murmurs that the leading man in question could himself be outed soon. Not one to be turned down by heroines chosen to star in a film with him, the actor was apparently surprised that both ladies said ‘no’, and especially so given that he’s worked with both of them in earlier films that went on to become big box-office hits.

Our Guess

A-lister: Akshay Kumar
Leading Lady: Radhika Apte
Other Leading Lady: Sonakshi Sinha
Multi-Starrer: Mission Mangal


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