Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Second Chance – 4th May

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about a star kid, who has been given a second chance.
He is the son of a legendary actress & a renowned actor. His father was married when he met his mother & they started an affair. His father left his family to be with his mother. But his mother tragically at a young age, after giving birth to him. His granny has taken care of him since then. His father went back to his family & has been active in politics. His father, who regularly hob nobs with the 47 year old “youth leader” aspiring to be the next PM, must be an expert at identifying drug related brain damage! Both of them have trouble reading out lines from a piece of paper!

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A young star kid, a complete charmer—the camera loves him—has been given a second chance in tinseltown after he pretty much drove his career into the ground after a promising debut. He’s back, but lead roles are hard to come by, so he happily took a bad guy’s part in a recent film that’s done astonishingly well at the box-office. He’s got small roles in a few more films, and also a significant part in a web series that he was shooting in Goa recently.

rencontre julien sorel madame de rênal The actor was the unit’s darling; always fun to hang out with, always up for an adventure. But a nightmare if you were in a scene with him. Co-stars reveal he regularly required 25 to 30 takes for the simplest scenes, and fumbled his lines in virtually every take. “He can’t remember a simple line,” a colleague of his says. As a result, shooting with him meant longer than usual days, but also always a happy set.

fiestas para solteros en el df When his new movie came out, he took the entire unit to the only cinema in Goa that was playing the film, and they cheered when he came on screen. “He’s the nicest guy, but at some point people’s patience will wear out. He’s got to get his act together,” the source says. His friends insist he has taken charge of his life. They point out that he’s working out like a beast and spending time poring over his scripts. His previous indulgences and addictions have done some damage, but they’re convinced he’s doing everything he can to overcome his problems.

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Star Kid: Prateik Babbar
Recent Film: Baaghi2
Promising Debut: Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na

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