Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Secretly Involved – 5th Oct

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about the leading couple of a recent being secretly involved with each other.

The male star mentioned in the blind item is on a roll. His movies have been doing well. His latest hit made him a member of the 100cr+ club. He has a string on movies lined up. All the top filmmakers wish to work with him. He has been dating a struggling actor for quite sometime. But there were rumors of him cheating on her earlier, but they died down quickly.

The female star mentioned in the blind item was earlier dating a much older director-actor-producer. She was caught making out with him in the loo of a popular nightclub. But she dumped him thanks to her astrologer’s advice(click here to read more). The astrologer is believed to have told her that her BF is unlucky for her acting career. As predicted her movie turned out be a huge hit after she parted ways with him.

She is rumored to have been hooking up with another co-star when she was seeing this multi talented divorcee. She even had an affair with the director of one of her biggest hits(a musical) ie she hooked up with both the actor & director. She was last heard to be dating a young photographer. Phew! This is in sharp contrast to the cute girl image she had in her school. No one who looks at her cute face can guess that she is a naughty man eater.

FYI, her brother has invited all of his school friends home for his upcoming birthday party!

Blind Item

Say it isn’t true! The big rumour doing the rounds involves one of the most loved young actors, whose performances have been the stuff of dreams lately. He’s always come across as a grounded, ‘head-screwed-tightly-on’ kind of guy, committed to his girlfriend of some years and focused on all the right things.

Insiders say something’s brewing between him and the petite young actress he starred with recently in what has become his biggest hit yet. The two are said to be secretly involved, though both have significant partners. Ah, what a cliché he’d turn out to be if it were true. Can we just say we hope it’s a case of smoke without fire?

Our Guess
Loved Young Actor: Rajkumar Rao
GF: Patralekha
Petite Actress: Shraddha Kapoor


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