Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Senior Filmmaker’s Daughter – 30th Sept

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a senior filmmaker’s daughter wooing a much older man.

Looks like Bollywood is unable to come to terms with this man eater. She is rumored to have dated three stars from the cast of her dad’s recently released flop(click here to read more). The leading man recently divorced his wife. He is known to be a doting father. Apart from the director’s daughter, he is also involved with a brazilian model.

We often wondered how this director kept producing movies despite most of them being flops. Turns out he doesn’t pay his technicians their due. Bollywood is replete with filmmakers not paying their staff, technicians etc & siphoning off the money meant for their salaries. A director known for his flop remakes of Hollywood blockbusters has perfected this art.

Blind Item
A senior filmmaker’s daughter became so besotted by this good-looking male star that she didn’t stop just at showering him with attention during outdoor schedules of her dad’s recent film. Eyewitnesses say that the young lady, who handled production on the set, could not hide her infatuation with the actor. The star in question too reportedly indulged her little crush.

But things stopped being ‘cute’ when actors and unit members—many of whom have still not been paid even after the film’s release—learnt that the filmmaker’s daughter had been splurging on expensive gifts for the actor. Her famously arrogant father made pretty much everyone take pay cuts while they were signing the film, then didn’t clear their dues even after a studio bankrolled the project. So most of them were pretty pissed off when they learnt that his daughter had presented the star with a pair of designer earrings for his daughter that cost some Rs 5 lakh.

It does seem extravagant and insensitive when you consider that the family hasn’t paid spot boys and below-the-line workers sums as small as a few thousand rupees for services already rendered. Not that this is the first time they’ve been guilty of this. Just ask the folks who worked on his last film.

Our Guess
Filmmaker’s Daughter: Nidhi Dutta
Filmmaker:J.P Dutta
Actor: Arjun Rampal


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