Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Star Kid Rumor – 17th Aug

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about a rumour about a star kid’s acting talent or rather the lack of it.

Her mother managed to somehow get her a role in the second instalment of a hit franchise. But looks like it won’t be enough. Rumour has it that she is just as much should we say as less talented as her father.

Star kids owing to their closeness to Bollywood biggies do not have to really struggle to get a break in Bollywood. But then comparisons to their parents gives them a lot of grief. Most of the time they are unable to match up to their parent’s level of success. But then, her father himself wasn’t that successful. Our source inform us that he loves to place bets on cricket matches while watching it at a suburban 5 star hotel.

Blind Item
A rumour doing the rounds concerns a star kid’s acting skills or lack thereof. Insiders who have watched the rushes of a
film that the second generation industry star kid has been shooting for said that there is presence but little else. They’re predicting there will be curiosity because of the debutant’s
pedigree, but disappointment is sure to follow.

Our Guess
Star Kid: Ananya Pandey

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