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Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – The Rookie – 7th Dec

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a rookie actor who is more than happy to bail out event organizers.

We do think that this actor is going OTT trying to be seen as much as possible. Be it any party, award function, gossip column this guy is always there. His PR needs to take his easy. But we find Rajeev Masand’s article to be in extremely poor taste. He wouldn’t dare write against celebs who dance at weddings for money, but wont blink an eyelid before pulling a rookie actor down.

The actor on the other hand is milking the publicity derived about of a star kid confessing that she wants to date him. He should have played it cool & spoken to her privately, instead of admitting shyly that he is open to having a cuppa coffee with her

Blind Item

Make hay while the sun shines; mice play when the cat is away. Both proverbs seem to apply in the case of this young up-and-comer who appears to know exactly how to make the most of a situation. Talent managers in Bollywood are all talking about this actor who has become the go-to guy for awards functions, branded events and magazine covers—but only if their original choice proves unavailable.

In the last few months, this actor has stepped in to add a dash of glamour to brand launch events and even to receive awards when contacted at the eleventh hour after bigger stars have pulled out, leaving the organisers desperate. He doesn’t have an ego about being the afterthought so long as the organisers can shell out substantially more than he is usually paid, given that he’s bailing them out of a tight spot.

Recently, he made at least two overseas trips, one to attend an event, and the other to participate in a brand shoot after the stars attached to each respective commitment dropped out citing emergencies. As a result he’s had opportunities to ‘hang’ with A-list leading ladies and top-tier filmmakers, and he makes sure he’s got an Instagram post to show for every fancy stop he makes.

Our Guess

Rookie: Kartik Aaryan


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