Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Troubled Film – 8th Feb

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a director who ahs been asked to complete a troubled film starring a superstar.

We wonder when this troubled film will see the light of the day. The star is not at the top of his game. The original director was outed in the MeToo movement. Now his ex-partner has been asked to take over the reins & complete the movie. As per a blind item, the original director is trying to get back at the new director for helping the women who outed him(click here to read more)

The new director himself is not having a great run at the box office. We wonder why he has been chosen to edit the project. The superstar is probably paranoid about how this film fares. If this movie flops, he will end up losing a good chunk of his fan following. But he has a few good projects to look forward to. People who are hoping to write his obituary will have to wait.

Blind Item

Word in Bollywood circles is that a prominent film director, who currently divides his time between movie projects and a top mini-series, has been roped in to fix the edit of a troubled film that has been directed by a disgraced former business partner of his. It’s not the first time this filmmaker has been recruited to salvage this gentleman’s film. In this case, however, insiders say he’s helping out not for the sake of his former partner (with whom he had a public falling out not long ago), but on the request of his producer- friend whose talent management company represents the star of the troubled movie.

It appears that the star and his producer father weren’t thrilled with the original director’s edit, plus the star had already publicly distanced himself from the director after he was named and shamed in a rather ugly scandal. The family reportedly decided it would be a good idea to bring in an entirely different ‘energy’ to look at the film afresh.

Our Guess

Prominent Film Director: Anurag Kashyap
Former Business Partner: Vikas Bahl
Troubled Film: Super 30


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