Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Up And Comer – 24th Aug

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine about a young up and comer who has learnt the tricks of the trade well.

One feels happy that an industry outsider, has now found a foothold in Bollywood. But we are scared for his long term prospects. Being close to the paparazzi is a double edged sword. While he is enjoying the perks of the publicity generated it may backfire in no time. He planted several stories about him being upset over not being cast in his mentor’s upcoming film(click here to read more)

It must have hurt him that his mentor chose a fourth generation Bollywood scion over him. After all the bollywood scion had everything on a platter. But that is life dearies, it is unfair!

Blind Item
This young up-and-comer who scored a big hit earlier this year fast appears to be learning the tricks to get by in a ruthless business. First, there are rumours that he’s ‘recruited’ a young woman to pose as a mystery girlfriend who he is frequently ‘spotted with’ by paparazzi, who just happen to find out each time they’re dining out or at a movie. Then, there are leaks of information and photographs each time he visits a top filmmaker. It has gone to such extents that one of Bollywood’s most popular producers specifically requested him—before a meeting at his office—to ensure that the paps don’t conveniently show up.

Most recently, it turns out that the actor made the most of an opportunity when a leading fashion magazine reached out to him at the eleventh hour asking him to show up for its awards event the same evening. Desperate to add some ‘youth appeal’ to the show after a heart-throb male star had ditched them just hours before it began, the organisers reportedly begged the actor to grace the occasion with his presence.

Thinking on his feet, the actor replied that he was free and would be happy to show up, but only if the organisers would commit to giving him a fancy award at the event. He flatly refused to turn up as a presenter or ‘eye candy’. Pushed to the wall, the organisers agreed. The actor was very specific about what award he sought and made sure he got it.

Our Guess
Up and Comer: Kartik Aaryan

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  • April 13, 2019 at 7:17 pm

    Vogue Heart throb of the year award?


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