Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Vouch For Her Credibility – 25th May

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item about an actor who is paying the price for vouching for a producer’s credibility.

This superstar is known to be a khiladi not only on screen, but off screen as well. He was earlier notorious for editing scenes of co-stars from movies & sleeping around with several women. Despite being married with kids, he hasn’t stopped his womanizing(click here to read more)He faced a lot of flak for doing a PR stunt at the hopsital where a cartoonist was lying on his deathbed. He is also known to indulge in cricket betting in a big way. He makes it a point, to reach home in time to watch IPL & India matches. He then asks his crony to bet on his behalf. His crony was picked by the cops for his role in match fixing a few years back.

But for all his shortcomings, no one can deny that he is a thorough professional. He is one of the easiest superstars to work with. He always lands up on the set on time & all his movies progress as per schedule. That explains why film makers always repeat him in their movies.

Blind Item
An actor-producer who had a major falling out recently with his co-producer over financial irregularities and her inability to make payments in time to complete their film, is said to be deeply upset with another actor, a former co-star with whom he shared a warm friendship. Insiders are saying the actor-producer doesn’t hide the fact that he feels especially betrayed by his friend for not helping him when he had his back against the wall.

The actor-producer reportedly reached out to his friend when the problems with his co-producer began. Since his friend was the one who had vouched for the said co-producer’s credibility—having made two movies with her without any hitches—the actor- producer thought it was best to ask his friend to intervene when her cheques began to bounce and when it became clear they had a problem. But his friend stayed out of the matter completely, he has said. Forget intervening, he complains that his friend didn’t so much as make a supportive phone call to him in light of the situation.

Our Guess
Actor-Producer: John Abraham
Co-Producer: Prernaa Arora
Friend: Akshay Kumar

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