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Blind Item(Rajeev Masand) – Weeks Sooner – 2nd Nov

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Rajeev Masand has published a blind item in Open The Magazine, about a movie which can rescheduled to release weeks sooner owing to the #MeToo scandal.

This actor better get his act together or he may see his career end abruptly. He starred in a 100cr+ biopic last two years back & has since been very much in demand. He started off his career with TV & then transitioned to movies. He has struggled to get where he is today. His acting prowess is noteworthy. But him being a walking dick may spell doom for his career. Rumor has it that the teenager with whom he is working with had complained about his behaviour to her parents. Her parents made an issue out of it & made him apologize. A cop is present on set to prevent any such situations henceforth(click here to read more).

While the director has been sacked for being named in the #MeToo scandal, the actor managed to survive. It is all thanks to his co-star keeping mum. She has advised not to name him, as that would result in the movie getting shelved & her career ending before it even takes off.

Blind Item

According to the Bollywood grapevine, the makers of a troubled big-budget film have decided to rush their movie to a speedy release as they don’t want to take any chances in the current climate. The film, being readied for an early 2019 release, will now come weeks sooner, the producers announced this week.

Insiders are saying it’s because another film starring the same leading man is already in trouble (on account of its director), and the producers of this one are concerned their film could also become collateral damage in a post-MeToo scenario. Although there have been murmurs linking their leading man to an untoward incident, the actor has vehemently denied them and they haven’t stuck.

But having barely survived a major obstacle involving a parting of ways with an errant co-producer, the makers do not want to flirt with more risks. They have decided it might be wiser to put the film out sooner rather than later. Of course that means their hero is going to have a hard time promoting the film, given that the press is not going to hold back on questions about his other ‘stalled’ film, his ‘shamed’ director, and those rumours he’s been fighting himself.

Our Guess

Big Budget Film: Kedarnath
Another Film: Kizie Aur Manny
Leading Man: Sushant Singh Rajput
Shamed Director: Mukesh Chhabra


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