Blind Item(Spotboye) – Ahsaan Faramosh – 18th Dec

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Spotboye has published a blind item about a washed out star who has turned out to be a ehsaan faramosh.

He was given a break in films only thanks his lineage. He is born to a family of successful stars. His films did well initially, but a few bad choices & his career was over. Frankly, this actor has limited range. We weren’t exactly shocked when his career ended abruptly. Luckily for him the reigning box office star took mercy on him & gave him a role in his movie. He probably thought it would revive his career, but alas! the movie didn’t do as well as expected. But instead of thanking the star for bringing him out of hibernation, the ahsaan farmamosh is out bitching about him.

The actor in question, was dating a yesteryear actress for a very long time but then dumped her. The actress was totally distraught when he broke up with her. His wife belongs to a wealthy family. But she is fighting a legal battle with her brother for their father’s assets.

Blind Item
Some people love to spit in the plate they eat, and this almost-extinct entity is one such

This failed actor got the biggest career-saving shot in the arm, courtesy a star who reached out to him after learning that he is in acute depression. The end product, when edited, did not have all his scenes- and instead of thanking the star to have revived him he started telling the world that the star cut his scenes because he is taller and more handsome than him! Woh kehte hai na- ahsaan-faramosh!

Our Guess

Failed Actor: Bobby Deol
Star: Salman Khan


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