Blind Item(Spotboye) – Alarm Bells – 4th Jan

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Spotboye has published a blind item which mentions that alarm bells started ringing regarding the fate of the relationship between the hottest couple of bollywood.

We have always doubted the genuineness of this relationship. We thought that the bollywood big shot may milk the relationship for the next few years as the lead pair is expected to be part of a hit superhero franchise(click here to read more). But looks like the pair may breakup before even the first installment of the movie releases! Both the hero & the heroine went of out of character to slyly admit their feelings for each other in public.

But the male star is known to be a jerk to his GF’s. He loses interest quickly & is in no mood to work on his relationships. He joins the long list of man-child celebs in Bollywood. The reigning superstar himself is 50+, but refuses to get confined in a relationship. The male star mentioned in the blind item was a huge fan of the reigning superstar along with his sister. But he couldn’t stop himself from snagging the sueprstar’s hot GF when he had the chance!

But the actress has nothing to worry. She has the industry’s biggest producer on her side. Besides she is hugely talented. It won’t be too difficult for her to get a new beau.

Blind Item

She is madly in love with him, and he loves her but not more than his ownself. And when the scales of love and committment in a relationship are titled more towards one side, you know the alarm bells are ringing. Their recent pictures together too has awkward body language and forced smiles. We read pictures well, it’s our job man! While we are used to short relationships in tinselville, this one God forbid if it happens, will really break our hearts.

Our Guess

Couple: Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor


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