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Blind Item(Spotboye) – Flop Party – 17th March

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an actress whose efforts at organizing a party were a colossal flop.

Spotboye has published a blind item with barely any hints. But there is only actress who fits the bill. It is the self proclaimed queen of bollywood. Had she concentrated more on building relationships rather than be busy is preaching her colleagues, she would have had more friends in bollywood(click here to read more). While there is no celeb who is liked by everybody, every celeb at least has 4-5 friends to depend on. This celeb on the other hand has no one apart from her sister, to stand beside her. Her pulling an actress several years her junior & her mentor on public platforms was in extremely poor taste. Like they say “the speaker of truth has no friends”.

She herself is no saint. She had no qualms about sleeping with married men. She doesn’t dare speak about her superstar hook up. Meanwhile we read a report about her hooking up with a young heartthrob, while she was hallucinating that she was dating a greek god superstar. Looks like the young heartthrob has learnt not to flash his exploits in public. He still does sleep around a lot, but ensures that the paparazzi doesn’t get a whiff of it.

Blind Item

This actress wanted to have a party at a 5-star at a producer’s cost. She pleaded with a studio who was bewildered that why they were being forced into doing something when she had already given them a big hole in their pockets in the past. So they turned her down. But sponsor or no sponsor- the adamant lady decided to go ahead with the party at her residence, and the next thing we know was she started sending out invitations to few people in Bollywood. Result? Zilch. Only a few dodgy people were seen to be dancing in her flat until the wee hours of morning.

Our Guess

Actress: Kangana Ranaut


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