Blind Item(Spotboye) – Gate-Crashing Expert – 9th Jan

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Spotboye has published a blind item about a starlet who has become somewhat of a gate-crashing expert!

There was a blind item quite sometime back about this starlet gate-crashing a renowned designer’s party(click here to read more). She had to issue denials in the press. One might think that she would have learned her lesson, but looks like we were wrong. She has done it again!
In other news, her sugar daddy – a top filmmaker has been diagnosed with cancer. She landed an item number in the filmmaker’s previous film starring his son, thanks to her closeness to the producer.

Blind Item

This starlet has a reputation of gate-crashing premier events. Years ago, her presence at a bash made headlines albeit for the wrong reasons. Now, she made the ‘gutsy’ move, yet again. This time, her target was a high-profile launch event. The lady was not on the guest-list but was keen that her name to be associated with those present. And here’s how she executed her desire.

The starlet entered the bash when hosts and most attendees had left. She then proceeded to interact with the guests that remained, who evidently thought that she was invited but came late. Eventually, the lady clicked a picture of the venue (as proof, maybe?) and exited. Speechless? So are we.

Our Guess

Starlet: Urvashi Rautela


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