Blind Item(Spotboye) – Immortal Love – 9th Nov

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an immortal love story between a heroine & her superstar ex-BF.

In the earlier days, kings used to have harem full of beautiful women. The harem used to be just a few metres away from where the queen & the king’s family would reside, but within the palace. In today’s world this megastar has his own version of a harem. While he has gifted a bollywood actress whom he regularly hooks up with a 3BHK worth several crores, he is now gifting one to his ex-GF. His foreigner GF stays with him. It is rumored that he is “taking care” of all three of them simultaneously. That’s not it, there is also a bevvy of wannabe actresses who he “takes care” of as well. No wonder he is no mood to get married. He knows he can’t stay exclusive.(click here to read more)

He is not alone. Another superstar knowing for being a perfectionist, too is paying the sky high rent for his GF. The GF is put up at a flat near his house, where she stays with her parents. When you are earning millions every year, a few lakhs here & there doesn’t really bother them. But then again, not point blaming just the men. The women too are aware, about what they are getting into. Money, fame, adulation matters more than self respect for them!

Blind Item

She often tops the charts in the list of heroines and is now much at peace than before. Even her restlesness of hunting a new roof has stopped. We hear her ex actor-boyfriend has decided to be gracious in giving her a new flat, quite near to where he resides. Pyaar ho toh aisa, immortal love that’s called isn’t it?

Our Guess

Heroine: Katrina Kaif
Ex Actor-BF: Salman Khan


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