Blind Item(Spotboye) – Maneater – 29th March

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Spotboye has published a blind item about an actress who is notorious in Bollywood for being a maneater.

There is only one actress who fits the bill as far as this blind item is concerned. She is rumored to have hooked up with several men, including a jailed gangster. Her name did crop up during police investigations, but the cops didn’t pursue it because of lack of evidence. Whether she slept with gangster to fulfill her carnal desires or for getting work is unknown. A director who now directs mainly horror movies left his wife & kid to be with this actress. But after she was bored of him, she dumped him like stale food. She was then rumored to be dating a talented actor, who now appears in character roles & the occasional lead role. But that relationship too didn’t last. The juiciest gossip is that her elder daughter is her love child with an industrialist. Her second child was fathered by a director. She is now dating a 27yr old model.

This blind item reminded us about a yesteryear actress who too carries the same sobriquet. This yesteryear actress married two men – both died within a few years of them getting married. Apart from which, she is rumored to have dated several co-stars, which included the biggest bollywood star ever! She hooked up with a much younger star – who served a jail term later, just to make the megastar jealous. She is rumored to go on secret vacations with the superstar every year, since the past several decades.

Blind Item

So, there’s this actress who’s referred in Bollywood as, ‘She has something about him’. You know how men use this line instead of directly saying, ‘She excites me’. So yeah, what about her? Well, she’s recently broken one home for sure. The reeling wife, who has a small baby, is going around saying that it was the husband who ended their marriage.

Not too long ago, the sexy siren almost broke up another home until sanity prevailed between the husband and wife at the last minute, not that we are advocating here that the man in question should’ve got another chance. Well, this relationship might have mended but the cracks still remain.

Anyway, we wouldn’t be a tad surprised if her new love, err, lust has an expiry date.

Our Guess

Maneater: Sushmita Sen
Husband 2: Manav Menon


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