Blind Item(Spotboye) – Success Ke Side Effects – 24th Sept

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Spotboye has published a blind item about the team of a star who are facing the side effects of her newfound success

Female stars & tantrum throwing is synonymous. Rarely do we hear about male stars, treating their staff badly. On the other hand there are endless stories of female stars misbehaving with their staff. While all are well behaved when they are making a mark, they show their true colors once they find a foothold in Bollywood. We doubt whether this phenomenon is about to change anytime soon.

The actor mentioned in the blind item was recently in the news for speaking against her own community. She was pissed with her community for asking for a few edits in her recently released movie. While she was never a part of any controversies earlier, her behavioral change is for all to see. But we do think, she did the right thing by voicing her opinion. People shouldn’t be so sentimental when it comes to portrayal of their religion on screen under normal circumstances.

Blind Item
This actress has come up the hard way with her Bollywood journey replete with setbacks. However, finally, she seems to have found her feet in the glamour world. But like they say, not everyone can handle success ‘successfully’. And this actress is the perfect example.

She has been riding high on the positive response of her recent films and looks like success has gone to her head. We hear, she has been talking extremely rudely to her staff and as expected, they have been exchanging notes on this damsel’s behaviour. While it has become a day-to-day phenomenon, they know that it is happening because of the lady’s new found success. However, what’s a star without her team. Isn’t it? Looks like, the actress will learn it the hard way. Lady, Bollywood is a game of glorious uncertainties.

Our Guess:
Actress: Taapsee Pannu