Bojack Horseman S4 Review

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Netflix’s best animated show is back for a fourth season & we are delighted. Is it as good as the previous seasons? Is there something about this season? Lets find out.

Bojack was an instant hit among Netflix viewers across the globe. The show doesn’t try to portray its main protagonist as a good guy in any way. They are pretty upfront that he is a jerk. Show afficionados will be happy to know that Bojack continues to remain a jerk in this season as well. All the things which make Bojack such a hit like various characters most of whom are animals speak like humans, but retain their basic traits.
The first episode did not have a single frame with Bojack & had us worried. The first episode did feel a bit raw. But luckily towards the end of the first episode you are reminded why you loved the show. Bojack shows up from the second episode onwards & a new cast member is introduced to us. The new cast member is the central character for several episodes apart from Bojack. The lovable Mr. Peanutbutter runs for governor & has us in splits with his antics, his wife & Boajack’s friend Diane voiced by the beautiful Alison Brie – fresh off the success of GLOW – is superb. Amy Sedaris returns as Princess Carolyn, who faces some turbulence in her life. The writers seem to hate her character, how else will you explain so much sadness being thrown her way! Several prominent celebs make an appearance in this season as well.
Will Arnett as Bojack & Aaron Paul continue to impress in their roles. The latest season is as good as the previous ones & offer an excellent take on depression, work life balance, losing yourself in work, the past catching up with you etc. This show retains the slapstick, zany, witty humor & the running jokes in abundance. Some jokes had us rolling with laughter. The writers need to commended for their work.

Our Rating: *****/5


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