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Yoga has gained acceptance across the globe. Our bollywood celebrities too swear by this ancient Indian gem. Neeharika Awasthi writes about the various celebrities who practice yoga regularly.

Yoga is another form of art and way of pampering yourself. It has its physical benefits like a toned body and losing weight. But most importantly it heals our soul, helps us to stay stress free, feel lively and helps us maintaining a balanced and disciplined lifestyle. Here are some celebrities you need to take inspiration from their yoga routine!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty swears by yoga & credits it for her toned body, flawless skin

She’s known to be one of the few actresses who has maintained a radiance in her look with ageing. Shilpa Shetty Kundra is not only very dedicated towards her daily yoga schedule but she also promotes and encourages people to do it. The actress credits her toned body and flawless skin to yoga. She was suggested yoga by her physiotherapist for her neck pain, gradually she became a religious practitioner of yoga. Her love of yoga gets reflected from her urge to promote yoga to indian ladies. She has expertise in the field of yoga and she released three yoga DVDs which consists of various ways yogasans and pranayam. She has beautifully explained the importance, effect and how yoga can heal and sooth the body, mind and soul if performed correctly with dedication.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay is known to be a fitness freak. He wakes up daily at 4AM & loves to do yoga, other exercises like martial arts, swimming

We’ve known him for being a fitness freak. Akshay Kumar believes that to be a successful person, you just don’t require to have a good body but a great mind as well. He has been pushing and encouraging large masses to include yoga and martial arts to maintain an internal balance of mind. He promotes excercises such as yamas and niyamas. To Akshay, Yoga is the most complete exercise along with martial arts. He performs yoga’s planks and boat exercise to strengths the muscles of stomach and lower back. He combines his love of yoga with swimming and performs yoga exercises in water.

Siddharth Malhotra

Siddharth got introduced to yoga by Akshay kumar when the movie ‘Brothers’ was about to release. He’s been practicing yoga under the supervision of Suveer Balvi, who’s already a trainer of Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Siddharth started yoga to lose weight and recover from injuries that were caused by doing some action scenes in his earlier movies. Siddharth has shared how he benefited from yoga to heal his injuries and kept his mind healthy. He says ‘yoga is a complete workout for mind, body and soul which help me tackle modern day stress’.

Malaika Arora

The gorgeous actress is known for her slim body and youthful glow. She confesses that all are the outcome of her strict fitness regime. She maintains a healthy diet plan, rigorous workout regime and disciplined stress free life. Malaika starts her day with yoga at 6 am and practices it regularly followed by the rest of her workout plan, she loves aerial yoga. Malaika was introduced to yoga by Kareena Kapoor khan. She even said ‘yoga healed her when she was going through her separation’ with her ex husband Arbaaz Khan, it calmed and healed her. Malaika says its all about self worth and creates a sense of well being, she says it isn’t just about physical but also mental approach. It gives her focus and direction. She says ‘We just need to give ourselves a little nudge to start somewhere’

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena spends 2hrs daily doing yoga. She credits yoga in helping her shed her post pregnancy weight

She’s a disciplined follower of yoga. Kareena loves yoga more than gym. Kareena devotes at least two hours to yoga in her daily workout schedule. The actress gained 18 kgs during her pregnancy and she didn’t hide her weight loss mantra by giving all credits to yoga for loosing post pregnancy weight . She emphasises how yoga is an effective tool to maintain a balance and coordination in her amazing body, mind and health. She performs Surya Namaskar, Ashtanga yoga, Naukasana and breathing exercises in her yoga routine.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika has been practicing yoga since 2008.

Deepika added yoga to her workout routine in 2008. She starts her day with 10 slow cycle of Surya Namaskar. She performs cat stretch or Marjariasana to maintain flexibility and strength in spine, shoulders and wrists. She adds Shoulder stand or Sharvanagasana, warrior pose or Virabhadrasana and deep breathing excercises in a her long list. She performs all the yoga asan to eliminate laziness, increase stamina, and to feel active and fresh all day.


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