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Brand That Makes Affordable Serums?

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Its hard to find affordable serums to fulfil our Skincare’s need. No wonder why all of the goodies in skin care cost a ton on our budget. We recently discovered an indian brand which makes affordable Skincare for all our needs. Neeharika Awasthi will tell you about serums for your skin care needs, read our article to know more about this brand!

Good vibes is an all natural Skincare brand which has all natural ingredients and its paraben and cruelty free. This brand is so far the most affordable brand to produce serums with costly ingredients like vitamin c and rosehip oil. The brand has more than 8 serums for your skin needs but we have picked top 3 serums from this brand. Let’s take a look ahead what are the specification of each serum and what serum you need for your skin problem.

Rosehip Oil Serum

Rosehip oil serum is known to cure dryness, uneven skin. Its an ideal serum if you have skin issues like loss of firmness and elasticity. Rosehip oil is known to provide radiance and help with dullness on skin. It prevents wrinkles and other sign of ageing and will help you keep your skin hydrated. It locks down the hydration and evens down the texture and tone. This 10ml bottle of serum will cost you Rs. 215.

Argan Oil Serum


This serum is the most hyped serum out of all others from this brand. This serum has combination of ingredients like vitamin c, anti oxidants, Argan oil, vitamin e and linoleic acid. It helps to boost cell production and rejuvenates your skin. This serum is the most unique serum as It has omega-6 fatty acids. The good thing about this serum is its meant for all skin types and it comes in different quantities, it comes in a price range of Rs 99 for 3 ml, 10 ml for 207rs and 30 ml for 524 rs

Vitamin C Serum (20%)

Good vibes has two other serum with vitamin c as an active ingredient but this one is the best so far out of all three vitamin c serum. If you are into derma rolling you would know how important vitamin c is as an ingredient to repair our skin. In a pricey market where everyone is demanding vitamin c in skin care product, This brand is offering you serum for Rs 225 for 10 ml. This serum will brighten your dull skin. It protects and repairs your damaged skin from UV rays and protects your skin from environmental stressors. The high concentration of 20 % of vitamin C will give you firmer and plumper skin. It prevents loss of collagen in skin cells to visibly smoothen out wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

* performs the qualitative work as it claims
* affordable price range under Rs. 500
* no harsh chemicals
* no side effects
* hydrating and not oily
* repairs skin with regular use

* available only at one online website( nowhere else
* quantity is a little less, I wish it was at least 20ml for 200-300 rupees.

Overall thoughts : I definitely feel this brand is giving tough competition to other drug store brands and it deserves more recognition . This brand is coming out with numerous products with wide variety. Good vibes has skin products for your specific skin issue and they focus on specific ingredients in depth. The price range of good vibes is similar to biotique but biotique doesn’t have this wide range of products. All of these serums are very mild and have shown amazing results.


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