Breathe(Amazon Prime Video) Review

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Breathe is Prime Video’s biggest Indian TV Show till date. While it has produced several shows, it is the first show which features stars of Bollywood.

R. Madhavan & Amit Sadh are both well known for their acting chops. A project featuring both of them is sure to garner eye balls. But does the script do justice to them?
Breathe is about a doting father & sports academy owner – Danny Mascarenhas(R. Madhavan), whose son is six months away from death. He is a widower, who stays with his mother. Danny’s son, Josh is the apple of their eyes. Danny’s wife is no more. Josh is the 4th recipient on the organ donor list. But he has remained the 4th recipient since the past one year.

On the other hand, you have Inspector Kabir Sawant(Amit Sadh). Kabir lost his daughter in an accident. He & his wife have been distant since then. Kabir is yet to recover from the loss. He relies on alcohol to relieve the pain of being indirectly responsible for the accident. The story heats up, the day Danny decides to eliminate three organ donors to help his son live. This leads to a cat & mouse game between the two protagonists. Does Danny succeed in his mission of eliminating three organ donors & save his son? Or does Kabir stop him in his tracks?

Both R. Madhavan & Amit Sadh are superb in the show. Both are very convincing in their roles. Although one must admit, it is Madhavan who has the author back role.

R.Madhavan is brilliant as the doting father, who is ready to go to any lenghts to save his ailing son
All the 5 episodes we have seen till now, kept us enthralled. The screenplay & brilliant acting will keep you at the edge of your sofas. There are barely any unwanted scenes or characters in the show. We loved how the show doesn’t have any scenes involving the slums of Mumbai. The show has only been shot in & around high rises. The beauty of Mumbai & its skyline is well captured in the show. All the scenes involving Danny planning his murders are very well executed.

We are yet to encounter any major flaws in the show till now. We highly recommend our readers to watch it!

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) INT


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