Celeb Gossip – June’17

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Sources inform us that the country’s biggest superstar & his ex, both currently single, are giving their relationship another chance. Industry insiders cant stop secretly admiring the actress who post her split with another young superstar, was written off by bollywood biggies. The few films she appeared in flopped. She had barely any work to speak off. But when you the country’s biggest superstar  on your side, things automatically fall into place. She shrewdly seduced the superstar & rekindled their romance.

He made a director cast his ex & even made some of his family members cast his ex in films they were producing. As they say in Bollywood, it is not just talent, it is whom you know, that matters. While the actress has not been linked to anyone post her famous breakup, the superstar – known for his womanizing ways, was dating a european & intended to marry her by the year end. But, things didn’t work out….luckily for our actress! She as usual wants to keep things low key & won’t make the relationship public.