Celeb Gossip – Match Fixing

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He was part of the ex  cricket captain’s coterie. He is a batsman – fielder & was part of many Indian victories. He is the Captain of a state cricket team. If rumors are to be believed the cricketer is very insecure & never allowed any other batsman from his state Ranji team to shine. He was part of the cricket team only because he was in the good books of Captain Cool. He was rumored to have affairs with the wives of several of his team mates! He even bought himself a fancy bungalow in a plush area of the Capital. People started questioning about the sources of his income, considering he has barely any brand endorsements. Turns out our cricketer is neck deep into match fixing, especially IPL matches – his IPL team was banned due to match fixing charges for two years. Bookies even apparently paid for his lavish wedding.

As luck would have it, he did not get along with another star cricketer. This cricketer turned into a superstar & with Captain Cool’s declining fortunes, the mantle of Indian cricket team’s captaincy was passed on to the new superstar ( now dating a movie star). The new captain wasted no time in chucking this match fixing, womanizing, insecure, a*&^ole. He is not a part of the Champions Trophy starting soon. Like they say, “Karma is a Bitch”


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