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For the longest time, Urban Indians had to rely on English content downloaded from torrent sites to get their daily dose of entertainment. Barring a few shows, Indian TV studios were producing content catering only to the masses. But thanks to the likes of Amazon Prime, Hotstar & Netflix producing premium Indian content, Indians can now look forward to urbane content starring Indian actors.
While the stars of TV soaps get a lot of coverage, very little is known about the stars of niche content. It is our endeavour to turn the spotlight on the stars of these shows & get them closer to their fans.
For the first celeb interview in the series, The Opinionated Indian interviews Kubbra Sait – the star of Amazon Prime’s Going Viral Pvt Ltd

TheOpinionatedIndian: Tell us about your journey from compering events to acting
Kubbra Sait: Its been a long one, but, when I look at it in retrospect, it feels like it all happened in the blink of an eye. I started with small stages, and they led to bigger platforms and me finding my voice and a clarity of thought, a personality that I can own. So its been an interesting ride.
Acting also had similar small beginnings, small roles to ad films to now headlining a web series as an actor. Its fun to play characters that have their own mind. It’s fun to see how your mind and body peels into many shades.

OI:Did you have to audition for your role in Going Viral? Tell us about how you landed the role?
KS: Yes I did audition. I auditoned 3 separate times to be finalised for Natasha. Kavish Sinha, knew me for a long time before he thought I was suitable for this role. Once I cleared the first first audition, he was pretty certain the crew would love me for this role. Anuvabh and I had been a part of LIVE event once so he knew of me, but didn’t know I could act or even if I wanted to. So it turned out to be a good ride.

OI: What are the similarities between Natasha – your character in Going Viral & Kubra? Was it difficult to relate to the character? How did you prepare for your role?
KS: I was handheld by my director Anuvabh Pal, who would keep snapping me into the skin of this monster who is always thinking of money. He would stare, “I want Natasha for this one, she is NOT amused with the antics of her stupidly genius husband.” I didn’t prepare for the role, it happened. I’m glad it did they way it did. Akash, the Creative Director on the show was also someone who would hint me into the character. Few words were spoken. If I saw a small smile on their face, I’d be happy that we did well on that particular shot. Eventually the confidence kicked in.

OI: How was it working with Kunal Roy Kapur? How is he in person?
KS: Kunaal Roy Kapur is a genius. Love him. He is a fun guy to work with, he improvises like a champ. Its hard to keep a straight face around him. Warm, sharing and very giving as an actor.

Kubbra Sait stars along side Kunal Roy Kapur in Going Viral Pvt Ltd
Going Viral Pvt Ltd stars Kunal Roy Kapur, Kubbra Sait & Prabal Punjabi
Actually, this crew was super tight. Immensely talented people, Abhinav who played the peon, to Aneesha who played Shravika and Prabal who plays Frehan, every single one of them were beyond amazing, and super professional. It was heartbreaking to say bye.

OI: Which TV shows are you watching currently?
KS: Mozart in The Jungle on Amazon Prime. Can’t wait for the 2nd season of The Crown, Young Sheldon. There is some real good stuff out there. It inspires you. I watched the film wonder, the simplicity of story telling wins my heart.

OI Who is your favorite actor?
KS: I would have to confess, I have the biggest crush on Shah Rukh Khan, always had and will always have. Ranbir Kapoor is flawless, Ranveer Singh is a maverick, Nawazuddin Siddique is the grandest story of reinvention and shattering stereotypes, and Irrfan Khan is effortless.
Radhika Apte, Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, forever and more Julia Roberts are female actors who make a movie worth watching.

OI: Will you accept a lead role in a typical Bollywood masala movie?
KS: I am here to be an actor, I will embrace all that comes my way. It’s the essence of what is being conveyed that matters. I am here to deliver. I am here to “Just Act” in the words of casting director Mukesh Chhabra.

OI: Is Kubbra dating anyone currently?
KS: Kubbra is exploring. She loves romance, and the fireworks and excitement of Romance. Dating is a good way to break out of work, meet someone who is potentially special, and talk beyond, “and then… … what else is happening?”
I do look forward to date and be in a relationship with a man who will keep the excitement and romance and realism of love alive.

OI: Tell us about your family
KS: Mom is the head of the family. Our strength and our punching bag. She is also my confidant and my best friend and our #Momager She is fiercely motivated and is such a excited learner.
Danish Sait is my younger brother and a supremely talented, funny, driven actor and entertainer. I can’t wait for the release of his film “Humble Politician Nograj”
Red Sait and Shifu Sait, our cats who are high on drama and crave way too much attention. They are the happiest reasons to come back home after long days of work.
We are a close family who love to eat together, fight together and yet rely on each other.

OI: 3 Things about Kubbra that people don’t know
KS: a) I feel I cant dance to save my life. My biggest dance inspiration is Sunny Deol or Mithun.
b) I hate yoghurt.
c) I break into hives when I am stressed.

OI: Would you sacrifice/compromise on your career for the sake of love?

Love doesn’t require you to sacrifice or compromise. If it does, then it isnt love. Every relationship requires you to pay attention and support the ambitions of your partner. Love, doesn’t ask you, to delete who you are or what you do, and become someone else or do something else.

OI: How do you stay fit?
KS: I work out, eat right and live a pretty rad life. That’s all.

Kubbra Sait has managed to floor us with her charm & grace. Not only did she agree to the interview without any fuss whatsoever, she was sweet enough to give elaborate replies to all our queries. We wish her all the best & hope to see her in the second season of her hit web series & several other acting assignments soon!

Watch this space for more interviews with your favorite stars!

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