Celeb Interview – Saswata Chatterjee

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In the second interview of web series celebs, The Opinionated Indian interviews Saswata Chatterjee – the legendary actor of Bengali cinema & TV on the eve of his upcoming show on ALTBalaji – Dhimaner Dinkaal. You can hear the entire interview here https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=u-xeqsrsqGk

Below is the excerpt of the interview

http://irvat.org/index.php?option=com_content TheOpinionationatedIndian: Nomoshkar Saswata Da! Tumhi Kamon Accho?
go site Sawata Chatterjee:Aamhi Bhalo Accho

go to link OI: Firstly, Saswata Sir thank you for taking time out for this interview. We are honored to have such a celebrated actor of Bengali entertainment with us.
dating for single foreldre SC: I should thank you!

source link OI: You need no introduction as far as our Bengali listeners are concerned. The rest of India of course knows you as Bob Biswas of Kahaani!
site de rencontre comme adopteunmec SC:*laughs*

binära optioner avanza flashback OI: So Saswata Da why don’t you start off by telling us about your acting debut?
SC: Acting debut? In theatre, TV or cinema?

http://www.selectservices.co.uk/?propeler=auto-trading&2ed=7b OI: Either. Bengali TV or cinema
source site SC: I started with a theatre. I was attached to a theatre group called Charbak. It is an amateur theatre group you know. So I started acting in theatre.

click here OI: You have been acting since the year 1996, if I am not wrong?
http://penizeamy.cz/friopre/5011 SC: Yeah.

see OI: Which TV or movie do you think has been the most satisfying or your best work till date?
SC: Best as far as acting is concerned, I must say the most difficult role in my career was the character of Nilkantha Bagchi. It was a biopic on Ritwik Ghatak called Meghe Dhaka Tara.

septilin cost OI: Yes. You received a lot of critical acclaim for that role.
amaryl 3mg دواء SC: Yes. Right

citalopram 20mg and alcohol OI:For almost two decades, you have done a variety of roles, so many characters & suddenly this character of Bob Biswas overshadowed your real identity. How did that feel?
SC: I didn’t expect that. I don’t think even Sujoy Ghosh expected that. Some things just happen. I think the portrayal of the character was very unique. We had decided that Bob Biswas character should a very normal, a mass character. But actually he is a criminal. You want to arrest him & put him behind bars.

OI: Right
SC: Real criminal is the one who doesn’t look like a criminal.

OI: Every time I see you in the movie saying Nomoshkaar, it used to send a chill down my spine. Brilliant acting by you Sir.

OI: Any incident on the sets of Kahaani which you would like to share with us?
SC: The project was my first hindi film & with Vidya Balan. Sujoy Ghosh actually is a very interesting person to work with. I actually shot for only five days.

OI: Oh! Is It?
SC: Yeah! It was a total duration of 9 mins & some secs. But overall it was very exciting for me.

OI: But post Kahaani we did not see you in Hindi Films. we were eagerly awaiting you to sign some Hindi films.
SC: After 4 years, I did Jagga Jasoos.

OI: Was it a conscious choice to stay away from Hindi cinema?
SC: Some projects didnt happen. Some projects, I didn’t like the script that were sent to me. i couldn’t go through the script. I would not like to mention them now (laughs).

OI: Tell us something about your upcoming web series on ALTBalaji – Dhimaner Dinkaal. How did that happen?
SC: Dhimaner Dinkaal is a very interesting project for me, because the concept is very unique. Dhimaan is more like Saswata Chatterjee.

OI: Yes. I have heard.
SC: *laughs* So Dhimaan doesn’t use a mobile. But his office structure is such that he should use the mobile & be available 24 hours net connected. Then what happens is what the story is all about.

OI: So that is very close to how you are in real life. I have been told you don’t even have a mobile phone.
SC: No. I don’t.

OI: Are you a method actor? How do you prepare for your role?
SC: I am a very responsive actor. The first day of the shoot I try to understand the role. I will be confused for the first couple of days, after that I try to get past that.

OI: Which shows are you watching currently? Be it on TV or a web series?
SC: I mainly love watching films.

OI: Any film you recently watched, which caught your attention?
SC: Yes. I recently saw a movie – Road To Perdition. Lovely movie. I am seeing it for the first time. Lovely movie.

OI: Tom Hanks?
SC: Yes. it is a gangster movie.

OI: Who is your favorite movie star currently? Name one from Hindi, one from Bengali & one from Hollywood.
SC: Hollywood it will be Tom Hanks. Especially in Road Perdition. My God! What a performance.He can even do a Russian character or even English. Hindi movies, my all time favorite star is Yousuf Saab – Dilip Kumar & of course Mr. Bachchan. Actually there are a lot of people.

OI: Could you meet Mr.Bachchan on the sets of Kahaani? he just sang the song, but wasn’t acting.
SC: No. I met Mr. Bachchan when I was very young in the year 1983. There was a match between Uttam Kumar XI Vs Dilip Kumar XI at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. My father was also a star, mr Bachchan was also a star. So he introduced me to Mr. Bachchan & I took his autograph. The last time I met him was at a special screening of a movie at South City Mall.

OI: How was it growing up as the son of a huge superstar?
SC: Pressure. There is always pressure. Better to ignore.

OI: Name one director you would love to work with.
SC: Love to work with. In Bengali or Hindi?

OI: Any. Bengali/Hindi?
SC: Bengali, I would love to work with Mr Sandip Ray. Always. in Hindi, I loved Anurag’s work. O loved Sujoy’s work. Different in their own way. I would also love to work with Anurag Kashyap.

OI: Saswata Da, tell us about your family.
SC: Family is my mother, my brother. My wife, my daughter & my mother-in-law also stays with us.

OI: What are the three things that people don’t know about Saswata Chatterjee?
SC: Three things people don’t know? Actually people don’t know a lot of things. I am not that famous in India, just Bob Biswas they know. There are a lot of things, I do not use mobile. I want to tell them that I have quit smoking.

OI: Oh! That’s great!
SC: Yes. That is a very difficult thing to do. I haven’t smoked in three months. I have quit smoking.

OI: Which is your favorite holiday destination in India or abroad?
SC: I love the jungle. So my favorite destination has always been the jungles of North Bengal. They are unique. Everyday, you enter the same path. I love north Bengal.

OI: When & where was your last holiday?
SC: Lst time, was 7 days back. Jaldapara forest in North Bengal.

OI: Coming back to Dhimaner Dinkaal. Tell us something more about the show, which you would like to share with our listeners.
SC: It is a hilarious series. Because after getting connected to the net, an ordinary man – Dhimaan, just changes. The net has a lot of things to offer. The first thing that happens to Dhimaan is a woman.

OI: Why don’t you tell us about the supporting cast of Dhimaaner Dinkaal?
SC: Everyone was terrific, right from my office colleagues. Mr. Khoraj Mukherjee in the lead was excellent. Khoraj Da I learn so much from him. We all learn. he is brilliant. The there is Sreelekha & Kalyani Mondal. You need good actors for every role. They have portrayed their characters very well. It is very engrossing.

OI: I saw the trailer & I really enjoyed myself watching it.
SC: Even I laughed at it myself. I am part of the show. I was laughing, while I was dubbing.

OI: That is one sign of the show becoming a hit – the actor himself laughs while dubbing for it.
SC: Absolutely. You enjoy & you are a part of the project. Then even others will enjoy.

OI: Any funny incidents on the sets which you would like to share? Or your favorite scene.
SC: We shot on the streets of Calcutta & inside the bus.That was a new experience for me. I have not been inside a bus for 18-20 years. That was a great experience for me. These buses have changed a lot. Now there is an AC bus. That was something new for me.

OI: Who are the writers of the show who came up with such a hilarious plot?
SC: The writer of the show is Padmanabha Dasgupta.

OI: Thank you Saswata Da! Thanks for talking to us. Best of luck for your new show.
SC: Thanks for calling!

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