Deepika Padukone Confirms Her Film With Prabhas!!

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Two of India’s biggest stars are pairing up. Prabhas and Deepika are starring together. Its official!

Prabhas became one of the biggest actors in India after his film Baahubali. North to South, East to West, everyone loved him and appreciated his performance in the film. When it comes to Deepika she is truly loved in Bollywood & is its reigning Queen. Many of her films have been big hits. Recently rumors spread out that Deepika is going to pair up with Prabhas in a Telugu film and the announcement was delayed because of the huge remuneration Deepika demanded the film and also wanted to buy the copyrights of the film. We published the same in the following article

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Fans’s talk

This turned out a hundred percent true. Maybe Vyjayanthi films came down to accept to pay the heavy remuneration or the other way around. Vyjayanthi films announced their next film officially. They welcomed Deepika Padukone into their big list of all the famous actresses they have worked with to date. Vyjayanthi films shared a video regarding the same. Deepika also posted about this on Instagram saying that she can’t wait for this incredible journey. Fans are excited about this awesome collab and these are a pair we can look forward to. Whereas some people were feeling concerned about how they would not go well together. Some also feel that Deepika might not be a good pair up with Prabhas. Let us see how these films affect the careers of both of them and how it turns out to be.

Nag Ashwin the director of the film says tagging Deepika Padukone,
I believe actors and projects find each other… Glad this is the story that chose to find you…can’t wait to start building this world together..and ur character, thts a surprise for another day

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One thought on “Deepika Padukone Confirms Her Film With Prabhas!!

  • July 20, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    Oh no please we have too see anti Indian actress with megastar. God help us!!
    Her stand with anti Indian lobby is known by everyone.
    She is hypocrite.
    No pls no…. prabhas why u wantb to work with her.


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