Blind Item(DNA) – Move Out – 5th Dec

This superstar wife is likely to move out of her husband's home with her kid to another city. Can you guess the celebs DNA is talking about?
Blind Item(DNA) – Move Out – 5th Dec

DNA has published a blind item about a superstar wife who is likely to move out of her house, owing to issues with her husband.

Looks like this superstar is not going through a good phase personally or professionally. He has been facing problems at home since the day his closeness to his protegee’ started making the news(click here to read more). They have been going out of their way to show the world that they are happy, by posing for happy pics together. He even made the wife pose with his mistress. But looks like the wife has had enough of her husband’s philandering. As luck would have it, this coincides with the superstar’s latest release being a damp squib at the box office.

Blind Item

A superstar wife who has been a pale shadow of herself in recent months is likely to close to move to her parents home in another city say sources. The biwi who was a spunky person in the past, was always courteous and bubbly even with mediapersons, is completely out of sorts because her famous husband and she are going through a very rough phase in their relationship. There are those who say that biwiji and her kid are likely to move lock, stock & barrel to another city.

Our Guess

Famous Husband: Aamir Khan
Superstar Wife: Kiran Rao