Blind Item(Spotboye) – Scandal Fallout – 18th Feb

This director, named in a scandal was paid crores by his producer to keep quiet & not create trouble. Can you guess the celebs Spotboye is talking about?
Blind Item(Spotboye) – Scandal Fallout – 18th Feb

Spotboye has published a blind item about a tainted director being paid by the director to keep his mouth shut.

Some good did come off the MeToo movement. A few lecherous directors were outed & pushed into exile. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Not just the director, even the producer & the lead star of the movie are big time sexual predators. Any heroine who has been cast in their movies despite lacking talent, has most likely made either one of them very happy. But sadly for the director only he was outed. The producer & the A-list star paid several crores to shut women up. It is rumored that the A-list star paid as much as 10cr+ to a woman to stop her from outing him & signing an NDA. His wife too was involved in it(click here to read more). The wife doesn’t have an honest bone in her body(pun intended)

This director most likely has blackmailed the producer. How else do you explain the producer giving him crores just to stay away? He is rumored to have paid off several women to not out him. The actress mentioned in the blind item, debuted in his movie. She has no sugar daddy to help her land a role. So did the perverted producer have a change of heart & give the lead role to the outsider solely based on her talent? The producer has been rumored to have underworld links & was accused of murdering his actress wife.

Blind Item

They hate him now. So what if he took pains to set up a big film for them? The film’s hero detests him. And who knows, the heroine maybe cringing hearing his name! He is just not welcome near them anymore, no thanks to his sex scandal. So what does the producer do? He called up the director in question and asked him to lay off. The director was in no mood to relent, in fact he got quite heated up on the phone. The next thing he knew is that he received a nice, heavy bag at his doorstep. And then? Well, he shut the door and hasn’t stopped smiling since then!

Our Guess

Hero: Akshay Kumar
Heroine: Kriti Sannon
Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala
Director: Sajid Khan





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