Gorgeous Malavika Mohanan Faced Discrimination Due To Her Skin Tone!

Why should a person's skin tone define him or her? From common people to beautiful actress like Malavika Mohanan have been subjected to racist comments.
Gorgeous Malavika Mohanan Faced Discrimination Due To Her Skin Tone!

Actress Malavika Mohanan had a tough time due to her skin tone. Read our article by Asvitha for the details!

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Why should a person’s skin tone define him or her? Casual Racism prevails in India. From common people to beautiful actresses and actors like Malavika Mohanan has faced this in their lifetime.

The world just woke up with George Floyd‘s death. Slogans and condolences are all over the internet. Many people along with celebrities around the world shared their views and tried to stand up with those struggling. Malavika Mohanan is one of them. She shared some discrimination she faced when she was a kid due to her skin color. Some mean comments were made in the past by her friend’s mother. Her friend’s mom pointed her out while warning her kid about him turning his skin tone to dark if he drank tea.

While the infamous deed of cops brutally murdering a black man is getting acknowledged by many people, Malavika participated in this explaining how bad this society can turn and what people with dark skin tone are facing out there. She said

“When I was 14 years old, one of my closest friends at that point told me that his mother never allowed him to drink tea because she had this weird belief that drinking tea darkened ones’ skin complexion, and when he asked for tea once she told him (referring to me) “If you drink tea, you will become dark like her”. He was a fair Maharashtrian boy and I was a wheat-ish skinned Malayalee girl. The complexion dissimilarity we had had never even occurred to me up until that point. This left me perplexed because it was the first time somebody had made a comment like that with a mean undertone about my skin color. So much casual racism and colorism exists in our own society”.

Casual Racism in India

These types of mean comments definitely must’ve hurt the innocent heart of a thirteen-year-old child. This is one of the ways racism is born. From criticism and pointing it out as a flaw. How can a little extra melanin become such a bad thing in this world? Racism prevails around the world. In India? Yes.
Malavika also said

“Calling a dark-skinned person ‘Kala’ is something we see on an everyday basis. The discriminatory behavior against south-Indians and North-East Indians is also appalling. Dark-skinned Indians are jokingly referred to as ‘madrasis’ because for some strange reason these ignorant people think all South Indians are only dark-skinned. North-East Indians are almost exclusively only called ‘chinki’, all black people are casually referred to as ‘negros’ and fair people are equated as beautiful and dark-skinned people are equated as ugly. While we speak about global racism, we must also become aware of what’s happening around us, in our homes, our friend circles and our society, and do our part in thwarting the obvious as well as the subtle racism and colorism that exists all around us, in our everyday lives. What makes you beautiful is being a good and kind person, and not the colour of your skin”

Well in conclusion, nothing she said is untrue. Racism is unacceptable. Many people knowingly or unknowingly might’ve discriminated or said some mean stuff about the same. Let’s try to stop it there and change starts from a single person. Let your kids understand that color does not define beauty.

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