Guess Who – Actress Rescued From Being Shamed By Superstar Mentor

This actress was rescued from getting shamed by her megastar mentor. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who – Actress Rescued From Being Shamed By Superstar Mentor

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress getting rescued from being shamed by her superstar mentor.

Though we are unable to not sure as to who is this actress in question,there are no doubt about who her mentor is. He is one of the biggest superstars in Bollywood. He is a mentor to many young and aspiring actresses. Not only is he considered a mentor by the new lot of young actors but also by some of the well established faces. He is also known to “take care” of the actresses who get close to him and if any of them gets into a trouble. He is just a phone call away for these women. He ensures that no one can cause them any harm and they sometimes do take advantage of the fact. No doubt he is bollywood’s favourite mentor.

This generosity is not only towards women, but towards men as well. If anyone he befriends is in trouble, one phone call to him & he will ensure that your troubles go away. it does help that he is well connected with the underworld, who iron out several issues for him. He has been shrewd enough to suck up to the ruling party as well, despite the party in question the party having a perception of not being minority friendly. This association has helped him wiggle out of several court cases against him.

Blind Item

It truly helps to have a mentor when you are a Bollywood actor, so what if you are too old to have one. Like in the case of this beautiful actor, whose friendship with a male megastar has saved her from social and professional hara-kiri. We hear that a blast from her long-ago past showed up with some raunchy photos of the lady and wanted to embarrass her. She immediately dialled her favourite speed dial, a suitable threat ensued, and the pics had disappeared forever.

Our Guess
Superstar Mentor: Salman Khan

Beautiful actor- Elli Avram?





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