Guess Who – This Actress Ditched Her Agency

This actress parted ways with her agency after they failed to get her an award! Can you guess the celeb Cineblitz is talking about?
Guess Who – This Actress Ditched Her Agency

Cineblitz published this blind Item about the actress who signed up on a new agency when the previous one couldn’t fetch her an award.

The actress started off as lead in a big budget film opposite an action hero. She was then part of movies that didn’t have much for her to do. But she proved her mettle with an unconventional love story and there has been no looking back since. She started in a love comedy recently with this rising heartthrob of Bollywood. The actor has successfully bagged a good number of roles in his short span of career and has risen to fame for his movies.

According to insiders, the actor tried to bag all the credit himself as if he was the sole reason the film happened. The actresses shouldered the responsibility to promote the film across various platforms all by herself with the actor not bothered to show up. Rumours also say that this actor is on cloud nine with his back to back successes and his feet won’t touch ground now. Sounds true indeed!

The actress in question was dating a sleazeball actor. But she broke up with him because of his embarrassing behaviour with other women. She has since been linked up with a producer & a greek god superstar,

Blind Item

The film industry is known to be an insecure space and actors are known to go to great lengths to overcome their insecurities. Often facing the brunt of their insecurities are their agencies. And while the actors have to worry about competition from their contemporaries, it’s not uncommon to see one actor or actress in the same film being favoured more over the other co-actor. It’s worse when one of them walks away with all the credit for a film’s success. But that’s exactly what has happened here. The young jodi’s film released recently and while all seemed fine until the film had released, their equations changed overnight after the film hit the big screens.

What had triggered the change was that the actor was being showered with all the praise and the credit for the film’s success, while the actress did not agree that was the case. But it wasn’t the filmmakers who were to be blamed here. The actress who shared the same agency as the actor thought that they were pushing his career more than they were doing hers. Not just awards events, the actress even felt slighted with the actor finding more mention for the film than she did. The actress directed all her ire towards the agency, who tried to reason it out with her.

But the nail in the coffin was when she was keen on winning an award at a recently held awards event and she didn’t. Now naturally, the agency had declined and made it clear that it was not up to them to get her award and they could not swing it. This upset her even more. Furious, the actress has now gone ahead and ditched the agency and signed a new one. Now let’s wait and watch to see how this helps her turn tables in Bollywood.

Our Guess

Hot Actress- Kriti Sanon
Actor- Kartik Aaryan





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