Guess Who – This Actress Is Getting Trolled For Her Song

This actress is getting trolled for her looks in a song opposite a megastar. Can you guess the celebs Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who – This Actress Is Getting Trolled For Her Song

Mumbai Mirror published this blind item about an actress who is being trolled and even her industry friends are taking a jibe at her.

Ruling Bollywood for so many years as an outsider is no easy task, though she has one of the most influential people as her Godfather. She has been the directors favourite leading lady thanks to her pretty face and well toned body. In spite of being in the industry for so many years, she has mostly always played the arm candy of the leading man with her characters doing no good to take the story forward and her roles written as if only to cast her and have the box office cash registers go ringing thanks to her huge fan following.

But now the offers have significantly reduced and the most she does in movies is what she can do her best,that is, dance. But then again in this particular song from her upcoming movie has not helped her either. We wonder what her Godfather has to say to this.

She has also been in the news for her closeness to a young actor. Sources insist that there is no truth to this rumor. They claim this has been planted just for the sake of publicity.

Blind Item

Ordinarily,this should have been a moment worth celebrating. A mega song in a mega film with a mega superstar singing you a oh so sweet love song. But we hear it's completely brought the leading lady to tears. Not only have the memes rattled her,her industry friends can't stop commenting on how frozen she looks. And then her director’s new diktat...He has asked her to go easy on Botox during the promotions,or her younger and prettier co star stands to steal all the attention. Uff, such a growing (up) pain.

Our Guess

Mega superstar: Salman Khan Leading Lady: Katrina Kaif Co-Star: Disha Patani Song: Chashni Song from Bharat





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