Guess Who – This Actress Is Trying To Look Younger

This actress has been trying to look younger, but her recent role had the opposite effect. Can you guess the celeb Mumbai Mirror is talking about?
Guess Who – This Actress Is Trying To Look Younger

Mumbai Mirror has published a blind item about an actress who has been trying to look younger, but a role in a recent movie has had the opposite effect.

Journos have been rather hard on this actress. There have been several unfavorable blind items about her. It is entirely possible that a rival has been planting these blind items. Although, she must be in a good place now. Her recent movie has done brisk business at the box office. She was shrewd enough to keep mentioning her ex-BF during interviews. This ensured that she made the headlines on a regular basis & kept her recall value high. There were also rumors of an affair with a younger star, who is hot property right now. The rumors have since been forgotten.

She is mostly back in her godfather’s harem. Her career was almost finished. Had it not been for her godfather, she would have been out of the industry by now. Luckily for her, her godfather has a soft spot for her. It doesn’t matter that she walked out on their relationship for another man. He has even bought a flat for her & will be launching her sister too. Lucky Gal! Her godfather meanwhile, was recently spotted riding a bicycle with his official GF.

Blind Item

THIS actor has been trying to look younger for a while now. It’s ironic because a recent role required her to do exactly the opposite. The thing with invasive and dramatic cosmetic procedures is that, sooner or later, you tend to push things too far and end up looking completely plastic. In her case, err, plasticine. People in the business say that her face looks completely misshapen around the cheekbones owing to new undereye fillers. This could just be a reaction to the fillers, we’re told, or it could be that the woman’s surgeon has over-corrected. We don’t know about her eyes, but ours will certainly be peeled for more news on this front.

Our Guess

Actor: Katrina Kaif

Recent Role: Madam Sir in Bharat





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