Guess Who – This Is The Reason Behind The Actor’s Sudden Separation

This is the reason behind the actor's sudden separation from his wife of several years. Read the Spotboye blind item to find out more.
Guess Who – This Is The Reason Behind The Actor’s Sudden Separation

Spotboye has published a blind item about the reason behind a washed out actor’s recent & sudden separation from his wife of several years.

There was a blind item earlier, which hinted at the reason behind this couple’s separation. The reason cited was the husband’s philandering. But then pics of the husband – an actor surfaced, which showed him in a fragile state. Fans felt sorry & concerned looking at the state the actor was in. Which made us doubt the veracity of the blind item. But Spotboye too is supporting those claims. We wonder what led the actor to make such a rash decision & outright stupid decision.

Notice how Spotboye doesn’t reveal the gender of the person with whom the actor cheated on his wife. Is there more to this story?

Blind Item

Some things happen when you expect them the least. Certain developments shock you to no end. Although divorces, marriages hitting a rough patch, have sadly become a regular in Bollywood, yet this couple heading to splitsville left many hearts broken. The husband, a Bollywood actor with a few feathers in his cap, has separated from his wife. The reason for their marriage falling apart is not official till now, but has come to know from inside sources that the man was caught cheating by his wife. He is dating a socialite’s relative and when his wife got to know about his dirty secrets, she decided to walk-out on him. We also hear that the actor with his newfound love was holidaying in Paris recently. Didn’t we say? Some developments shock you to no end!

Our Guess

Bollywood Actor: Imran Khan





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