Guess Who – This Svelte Actress Dated 3 Actors In Quick Succession

This svelte one film old actress dated three stars in quick succession. Can you guess the celebs Hindustan Times is talking about?
Guess Who – This Svelte Actress Dated 3 Actors In Quick Succession

Hindustan Times has published a blind item about an actress who dated three actors in quick succession.

This blind item from Hindustan Times seems to be a fake one. There never was anything going on between her & this gay big shot filmmaker’s BF. Apart from this actor, she is rumored to have dated the brother of a famous actor. But isn’t the brother dating his co-star? The only genuine relationship among the lot seems to be the son of a yesteryear star. Sadly for the yesteryear star’s son, not only did his film flop, he lost his gal as well.

This blind item seems to be the work of the filmmaker’s PR. Most of the people named are his mentees & one among them is his BF.

Blind Item

It is said of Bollywood that it’s not so much ‘who’s who’, but ‘who’s whose’. And that’s because from the outside, it often resembles an incestuous gold fish bowl, one in which everyone appears to have dated everyone else. What people seldom realise is that given the stars’ hectic schedules, 24×7 media scrutiny and constant pressure to look good, it is often difficult for them to date those outside the industry (aka common folks). This seems particularly true of this svelte actress who is said to be stirring things up ever since the success of her debut film. “She ended her long-standing relationship with another upcoming actor, just on the brink of her debut movie’s release, and he is reported to have taken it so badly that he was known to weep on his sets during a shoot,” informs a Bolly insider, adding, “Given her good looks and success, the male attention was to be expected,” he said, “but we were all surprised when in the short span since her debut, she has dated not one, or two, but three Bollywood actors in quick succession.” And who were the lucky three men? Well, according to our source, one is an established star who himself had been dumped quite publicly by his girlfriend, an A-list Bolly actress, while the other two are relatively smaller stars, one, the son of a famous actor, and the other, the brother of another famous actor. That’s some resume for a newcomer.

Our Guess

Svelte Actress: Tara Sutaria

Upcoming Actor: Rohan Mehra

Established Star: Siddharth Malhotra

Brother Of Famous Actor: Ishaan Khattar





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